The People’s Party Seems to Misunderstand Independent Politics By Focusing Too Much on “Brand” and Spectacle Instead of Good Old-Fashioned Community Organizing

As Bernie-mania dies down and his coalition dismantles itself under Biden’s already failing neoliberal presidency, many ex-Berners are wondering where their political home should be, and how to best build for change now that they’re more aware of the trickery and failures of the Democratic Party. While there are signs that some activists are already being co-opted by the party into weak neoliberal talking points, many others are looking at pursuing direct action of some kind or to continue in some flavor of electoral politics outside of the Democratic Party. Particularly for electoral work: where’s “home”?

One organization that has…

Author’s Note: I initially wrote a draft of this a few months ago then it sat around for a while. I don’t remember why I didn’t finish it, but I did now. Apologies if the wording is a bit off (if I’m using tenses incorrectly somewhere, remember that this was initially drafted a few months ago) but I think the topic is still a good one even though the news is less new now.

I’m intrigued by the events in Nevada earlier this year, where five DSA members mounted successful campaigns to become the new Nevada Democratic Party state party…

Nina Turner, running for Congress in Ohio in a 2021 special election, tells a crowd “The giant that you are slaying is pure unadulterated greed”.

Recently, Nina Turner, running in a special election for Congress in Ohio, gave a speech in which she identified the “giant” that needs “slaying” to be “pure unadulterated greed”. It’s not the first time I’ve seen such language from Turner or other “progressive” Democrats.

Folks understand the growing poverty, the accelerating capture of the economy (and for the matter, the political system, too) by the wealthy and are therefore desperately trying to understand the problem, explain how the problem came about, and find a solution. Unfortunately, the history of capitalism is long and complex, resulting in many incomplete and inarticulate…

Green Socialism is inspired partly by traditional worker-oriented socialist views, but attempts to transcend class struggle by organizing popular struggle for true democracy, ecology, and freedom.

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, ecological and social crisis exist simultaneously in multiple forms within the US and across the world. Global neoliberal capitalism has captured the world’s economic and political structures, and we feel the growing pressures of poverty and climate change under the threat of a pervasive police state. These deteriorating conditions imply that historical socialist revolutionary movements have largely failed to produce the widespread change they described in their visions. …

One aspect of a culture infected by capitalism is a general feeling that business and profits must always come first — even over human life, although not everyone is quite aware that this is the inevitable conclusion such a capitalist ideology eventually leads to. This “profits-first” attitude is very evident in many debates but probably most commonly comes up whenever a minimum wage is discussed.

Hands down, the first complaint often heard when a minimum wage raise is discussed is that will “hurt businesses”. Some use this to outright reject an increased minimum (e.g., Republicans), and some use this to…

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